Anton Bauer Titon SL 150 V-Mount Battery (8675-0158) , Akumulator 143Wh


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Titon SL Battery SeriesSlimline, Lightweight power to keep your story movingThe sleek profile and light weight of Titon SL makes it the essential choice for fast-paced content creators where agility is critical, and space is premium. Titon SL provides the slimmest, lightest and most powerful solution to run monitors and more, seamlessly integrating into your equipment without extra weight or bulk allowing you to stay agile and keep your story moving.Slimmer.. Lighter.. Stronger..Run monitors, cameras, lights and moreAvailable in 90Wh or 150Wh capacity with V-Mount or Gold Mount options, Titon SL powers monitors, and more in a slimline form for greater agility.Titon SL 90 can run a Sony FX9 for over 2.5 hours or a Blackmagic Pocket 6K for over three hours – more than six times the power of standard LP batteries – in one lightweight, slimline battery just 1.5” thin and weighing only 1.35 lbs. When more power is required Titon SL 150 boosts runtimes in half the size and weight of a standard 150Wh battery.Endurance tested for extreme adventurePower and Performance when it counts.Designed to perform on the toughest assignments, Titon SL batteries are the slimline, reliable, travel-safe choice when you need to capture the shot first time – every time! High quality cells in a rugged case ensure consistent power to the most demanding users in temperatures from -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F). Wherever you need it, with Titon SL you have the power.Advanced onboard LCD fuel gaugeConfirm remaining runtime to the minute at a glance.Use the onboard LCD or your camera viewfinder to see instantly – down to the minute – exactly how much runtime remains. Anton/Bauer’s smart technology calculates everything being powered – even devices powered by the High-Speed USB and P-Tap – leaving you free to focus on the action in front of your cameraManufacturer Anton BauerManufacturer Item code 8675-0158Battery mount V-MountCapacity 143WhNominal voltage 14,4VMax. discharge rate 10AConnectors D-Tap / P-Tap, USB (A)Weight (gr.) 800Dimensions 53 x 130 x 99 mm

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