Oczyszczacz powietrza EVAPOLAR EVACHILL EV-500 BIAŁY



reddot design award winner 2019, Personal cooler, 27-50dB, The evaBREEZE cartridge absorbs 700 x its own weight in water, making 100% of the surface area active for evaporation cooling, portable, water tank capacity: 800 ml, chiils/humidifies/purifies the air, eco-friendly, built-in LED light, USB power supply, whiteNatural & patented bacteria-free evaporative cooling lowers the temperature by up to 10 degrees (C) in a 2 m2 zone. Versatile: Enjoy the fresh cool breeze at your desk, bed, TV corner or camping. 3-8 hours of cooling per tank of water. Easy and economical to use: Easy-to-use one-button operation, uses only tap water and 7W power. Portable – no drain, no hoses. evaCHILL from evapolar is a personal air cooler that gives you a comfortable and healthy microclimate, is extremely climate friendly as well as very affordable to buy and operate. evaCHILL is based on evapolars unique, patent-protected filter technology that prevents bacteria and fungus growth.

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